Case History


Internet, IT, and IP law

  • Assisting Swiss State entities with the implementation of major cyber health projects.

  • Drafting of contractual document sets (general conditions of use and privacy policies in particular) for numerous online commercial entities.

  • Assisting private and commercial banks with Internet and IT law issues, for example the online contractualisation of banking products;

  • Drafting codes of good practice, directives and internal regulations in matters relating to Internet and IT law, in particular regarding the use of social media by employees, for both private and public entities.

  • Disputes relating to online commerce, in particular with payment service providers, users, with both Swiss and foreign regulatory authorities.

  • Drafting of contracts for the provision of IT services and disputes relating thereto.

  • Cyber-crime (both civil and criminal aspects).

Data protection

  • Providing a legal opinion on the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Genevan public institutions, at the request of the Geneva Cantonal Officer for data protection.

  • Assistance for issues regarding data protection for numerous private and commercial banks.

  • Strategic assistance for numerous multinationals regarding compliance with Swiss and EU legislation (GDPR).

  • Advice in matters relating to sub-contracting and internal regulation in data protection matters, for both private and public entities.

  • Assistance regarding matters for data protection for numerous state entities and public institutions.

  • Drafting of contractual document sets (general conditions of use and privacy policy, in particular) for numerous online commerce entities.

Media and reputation

  • Defence of politicians, public figures and celebrities in relation to the press and reputation law, in particular online.

  • The right to be forgotten and the delisting of information from search engines and social media which is in violation of personality rights and/or in violation of regulations governing unfair conmpetition, regarding both private individuals and companies.

  • Defence of media groups and journalists in matters relating to press and broadcasting law.

  • Assistance to a media group in the context of complex issues of telecommunications law and in particular regarding broadcasting in both Switzerland and the European Union.

Business law

  • Regular bank debt recovery for Swiss and French commercial banks, including complex real estate mortgages.

  • Assisting start-ups (in particular partnership agreements, structuration, investor relationships).

Criminal law

  • Acting on behalf of victims of identity theft and fraud, in particular in the context of banking relationships.

  • Conduct of criminal proceedings relating to crimes against honour. 

Administrative law

  • Preparation of legal drafts in a variety of areas.

  • Optical fibre proceedings on behalf of a telephone operator.

  • Proceedings against the State for breach of provisions governing the processing of sensitive personal data.

  • Drafting a legal opinion and strategic assistance for a media group in relation with issues of broadcasting licenses.